ONE2SUPPLY takes an integrated approach to assignments to ensure that an optimal supply chain is developed and is supported by the appropriate planning and control frameworks. The supply chain must be designed to meet customer requirements at a cost that is acceptable to the supplier.

Different customers and different products require different set-up of supply chain including levels of service and responsiveness. At the extremes a supply chain can either be efficient (at low cost) or responsive (excess or more expensive capacity). The optimal supply chain for most organizations is somewhere in between.

Identifying the needs of the customer and design their supply chain accordingly is one of the first steps to make. The over-riding need, however, is always to look at the supply chain as an end-to-end entity, even when the focus for change is in one specific area.

Our services include consulting and implementation in the following areas:


Design and development of a new SUPPLY CHAIN, e.g. set up supply chain for new product introduction.


REVIEWING business processes and practices to identify opportunities for improvement and adoption of better practices where applicable


SUPPLIER PERFORMANCE management and improvement including supply base segmentation, metrics development, performance expectations, supplier scorecard and supplier risk assessment, supplier development.


Giving support on IMPLEMENTATION of new product introductions, relocations and / or providing support for transition to new supply chain set-up.

The support of ONE2SUPPLY can be on different levels in the organization, but also in different roles in the process (e.g. varying from project management owning the project versus participation in steering teams to monitor and evaluate progress).


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